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Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

            In the touching autobiography 'Chinese Cinderella' written by Adeline Yen Mah, one idea that was worth learning about in the text was resilience. Resilience is all about getting back up when you're knocked down, and through out her entire life, this is exactly what adeline does. Resilience helped me to understand Adelines strong, full hearted will to succeed, her loyalty to and devotion to the people she loves, and her bravery when her family manages to take away everything she loves. Examples of resilience in the novel are when she walks to school to remain loyal to Ye Ye, when her precious duckling is murdered by Jackie, and at the Sacred Heart boarding school where she manages to find a silver lining in a horrible situation. .
             Adeline is mistreated her entire life, but one thing that shows throughout the book is her loyalty to Ye Ye. After Ye Ye spends all of his money on the children's tram fare so that they are able to go to school, they are forced to confront Niang. At first, she is enraged, but she then comes up with a proposition. "Admit you've been wrong. Promise you'll change for the better." This was Niang's way of showing that she was still in control of them, and if they wished to catch the tram again the children would have to beg. At first, they are furious. They decide that in respect for Ye Ye, they will continue to walk to school everyday. However, it becomes extremely difficult for her brothers to remain loyal to Ye Ye and eventually they all knuckle under. All but Adeline. The small, fierce, loyal Adeline never went to Niang. This shows her resilience in the way that no matter the weather or temptation to give in, at the young age of 6, she was the only one of her siblings to carry on. The love Ye Ye gave her was better than anything Niang could possibly give to her. In many ways, the long walk down Avenue Joffre is a metaphor for Adeline's life. She is walking alone down a long road and no matter the weather, she always marches on.

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