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             The "Cinderella Complex" which dates back to 1981 has not only out grown its meaning but has left some women with the psychology effect that it still exists to put blame elsewhere on their conditions in society. The year is now 1999 and the fairytale of Cinderella does not exist in reality, but many women still hold onto the hope of the fact that there might be a prince waiting to rescue them. Whether it be of misfortune throughout their years or it might be that fact that they are relying on their external beauty or career to put them in a daze to believe that the fairytale will come true sometime. In the older days when this "Cinderella Complex" existed many women would stay home with their families as the husband worked and many even went to college to find their "prince charming" however it is now the 90's and there isn't a designated sex that stays home or works. The entire fairytale of Cinderella reflects back to the "Cinderella Complex" and why people back then relied on their external selves to get them through life. .
             In the Dowling's movie version, "Ever After" she presents the Cinderella story in the same manner however there are a few changes. For example, there is one nice stepsister that relates to Danielle not only because of the way the stepmother treats her but she knows how it feels because her own mother is doing the same to her. She meets the prince in the forest when she saves his life instead of the traditional stories of meeting the prince at the ball. I think that this gave more plot and details to the story. Even though this is relating to the fairytale of Cinderella it is a real life experience. Which doesn't include the help of the animal helpers instead it is the help of the peasants in the household that get her a dress and do her hair. The evil stepmother and stepsister create a lot of problems for Danielle telling the prince that she is engaged and left on a boat, making a fool of her at the ball, and sold her to an old nasty man.

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