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             What is it about the story of Cinderalla that is so appealing that there are versions in numerous cultures, and children beg their parents to read or tell the story "just one more time"? Depending on where and when you were brought up, your idea of"Cinderella"may be the Disney movie, the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, or one of the other versions of "Cinderella" What exactly makes a story a Cinderella story? While there seem to be several interpretations of this, there also seems to be general agreement that you will usually find certain elements in a Cinderella story. The main character is generally, but not always , a girl who is badly treated by her family. Cinderella is a good or kind person. Her goodness is rewarded with magical assistance. She is recognised for her worth by something she has left behind. She is honoured in position by a royal person, who loves her for her good qualities.
             There are a lot of versions of Cinderella. After reading the Brothers Grim version of Cinderella and viewing the film version of it, Everafter, one can distinguish definite differences between these two similar stories. .
             Both versions tell of a young maiden whose mother died when she was young and is then tormented by her stepmother and her two stepsisters who enslave her in her own home and force her to sleep among the fireplace. In Brothers story Cinderella's father is still living and does nothing to protect his daughter from the cruel teratment done by her stepfamily. Cinderella's only comfort is the friendship she has developed between the wild animals that live outside her home. Like the Cinderella in the Brothers story, she is tormented by her stepfamily, but in Everafter the youngest stepsister show her some compassion and she has human friends, not wild animals, who live in the home and assist her with duties.
             In Everafter, like the Brothers version the prince holds a ball in order to find a potential bride.

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