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Cinderella rewritten

            If I rewrote Cinderella, there are quite a few changes I"d make to make the story more exciting. I love the Disney version of it and always have, but now that I"m older, it wouldn't intrigue me quite as much. So, if I were to create a more modern, more appealing version to teens today, there are many small changes or additions I"d make.
             First of all, I"d change her "evil stepsisters" to her real sisters. Then, to explain why her sisters didn't like her, or treated her badly, I"d add a twist to the story to account for this. For example, I might say that her mom had passed away instead of her dad, and the reason she is despised by her family was because their mom died giving birth to Cinderella. The rest of the family naturally felt the need to try and find someone to blame, and Cinderella was the easiest to put it on.
             Because of the circumstances of her mother's death, Cinderella has been treated badly from birth. She never had the simple freedoms in life that her sister's had. For Cinderella, there are no friends, no movies, no dessert or seconds at the dinner table, no gifts on Christmas, nothing but the necessary roof over her head, tattered clothes on her back, and scarce food on the table. She is in what some may deem a "living hell." Chores and schoolwork consume her daily life, taking up every second from waking time to when she goes to bed. .
             Instead of having a prince and a ball and all of that fairy tale stuff in my rewrite of Cinderella, I"d make it more like it is today. I"d have something simple like a guy at school who likes Cinderella. They become close by talking during lunch, the only time she has all day to do something besides work or chores. He asks her to be his girlfriend, and she kindly accepts. They write each other little notes back and forth and have make-out sessions during lunch. .
             Cinderella's sister finds her with him one day. She is searching for Cinderella to her her homework, and she goes straight to their father.

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