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             Throughout history, women have been portrayed as the weaker sex. Truthfully, many women are just as physically and emotionally strong as men. The infamous Cinderella's strengths have been shown in various ways and aspects in the movies such as Ever After and, of course, the Disney classic, Cinderella. In Ever After, a woman, by the name of Danielle de Barbarac, lost the only person that she ever really loved, but later found true love through the hardships of her lonely life. In Cinderella, a woman eventually found the love that she had always dreamed of throughout her slave-driven life. In both versions of this classic tale, Cinderella is strong, self-reliant, and fearless. Cinderella's (a.k.a Danielle's) true strength was shown in Ever After and Cinderella. One major part in both versions is that Cinderella attends the Prince's ball alone. In Ever After, Danielle was persuaded by all of her friends to go to the ball, against her stepmother's wishes, in order to tell the Prince that she is really a peasant girl. She was only pretending to be a countess to save a friend's life. Danielle's friend, Leonardo DaVinci, finally said to her, "If you don't go, the Baroness wins." This changed Danielle's attitude because she was not about to let her stepmother win. In Cinderella, Cinderella just wanted to go to the ball because she had always dreamed of it. The Prince's invitation said that every girl in the kingdom was allowed to come to the ball, so Cinderella thought that she was going to be able to go too. After a few run-ins with her stepmother, Cinderella went to the ball alone and was quite late. These incidents showed how independent Cinderella and Danielle are. The fact that Cinderella completed her own tasks showed that she was independent. She did not depend on the Prince and she was not waiting to be rescued. Both girls made the choice to disobey their guardians, walk into the Prince's ball alone, and both were not afraid of being the center of attention.

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