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            Cinderella is a well-known fairy tale which probably gained its popularity after the release of Disney's Cinderella animation story. A folktale that transcend time and culture having a lasting effect on both the young and the old. Many of us grew up listening to these stories. Like many other fairy tales stories, Cinderella's story found the way to many other cultures and so many other children grew up listening to the same story in other variation.
             The Chinese Cinderella, by Tuan Ch"Eng-Shih, is the earliest version found, dates back to 850-860AD. There is even an African version of the tale recorded in the Hausa language and translated into English in 1965. Among other cultural versions are: the Native American version "Oochigeaskw - "The Rough-Faced Girl"; and the most familiar to today's readers is Charles Perrault's version.
             In these variations of the "Cinderella" story, many commonalities exist -- Likewise many other ghastly details differentiate them. I choose to expose my 4-year-old daughter to Perrault Cinderella version. .
             As a parent it is my responsibility to train, educate and instill moral sense into my child that will allow her to grow into a contributing-God fairing citizen. Accomplishing this will require many tools and real life examples. In addition to been a role model, reading is another way to accomplish this.
             Reading to a child is a preventative measure against illiteracy. Children love to use their imagination. It is also a time to draw closer together. Children enjoy the stories, especially when they are read with love and emotion, but even more importantly, they love to feel the physical closeness and the feeling that they are loved. This is a time for parents and their children to "bond". Not to read to my child will be to deprive her this experience.
             Although in all the Cinderella's variations the characters and events are exaggerated somewhat beyond reality, I prefer Perrault's most popular version.

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