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Cinderella Analysis

            Fairy Tales are a piece of actual reality.
             human nature and struggle while incorporating fictitious themes and characters to capture the readers" interest. Good vs. Evil is a reoccurring theme within many fairy tales. In the story of Cinderella we find this theme to be especially prominent. Good and virtue are rewarded, while evil and injustices are punished and therefore good always triumphs over evil.
             In the story of Cinderella, we get some insight into her character and.
             personality. We find that Cinderella is the paradigm of pious and good.
             Unfortunately, her mother dies and she is forced to succumb to her cruel stepmothers" rule. The Evil Stepmother despises Cinderella's goodness, as it highlights her own daughters' weaknesses. " She could not bear the good qualities of this pretty girl; and the less, because it made her own daughters so much more the hated and despised" (p.1). So, they take advantage of Cinderella and force her to abide to strict rules and restrict her freedom in as many ways as possible. .
             Contrary to her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella is a person of.
             incomparable goodness and benevolence. She is very strong and persistent and does not give up. Even though her hardships are so immense, that many of us even today could not bare them, she perseveres. "Any one but Cinderella would have dressed their heads awry; but she was very good, and dress"d them perfectly well" (p.2). We see that even though the stepsisters were so cruel to Cinderella, she did not scorn or disrespect them in any way; and instead, she willingly offers her time and labor to help them get ready for the ball. This very significant because it glamorizes Cinderella's goodness and her giving (without expecting in return) nature. .
             As the plot continues to climax we get further insight into Cinderella's character and how her goodness and perseverance helped her break free from her evil stepmother's reign and finally get what she deserved.

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