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Cinderella - A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts

            In "Cinderella: A Story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts,"" by Bruno Bettelheim is a story that revolves around one key component: kids will try to portray the Cinderella character at some point in their childhood. From a psychologist's' point of view, like Bettelheim, it would help with issues they face during their times of adolescent years. He goes on to mention how a child's years want to be plotted like Cinderella's. They want to be saved, they want to go through trials and tribulations throughout them " they want to live the fairy tale life like they want to. This topic, fairy tales and the character of Cinderella, are relevant because of how today's youth are raised in today's society. It is much different from even a few decades ago, and how Bettelheim goes on to describe it is one that's arguments are flimsy at best. Yes, he's a psychologist by occupation, but his points of rivalries and conflicts due to them seem shady on the surface. On Bettelheim, he was a child psychologist and writer during his life. Also, he gained his reputation through multiple pieces on the exact psychology of the child's education " and also the parenting styles for them, too. However, Bettelheim's reputation is one that has drained over time. His supposed facts and novels on children's autism were brought under fire after his death, and ever since that time his previous renowned advice has gone to shambles. With all of this brought into the limelight, should readers of this piece be skeptical of what to believe from him, too? Is it certainly a side-argument that should be kept in mind as it is read, as his opinions are put out there. The likely readers "children and parents" should keep all of this in mind when reading Bettelheim's novel on Cinderella and its effects on children.".
             In the story, Bettelheim claims that the child is not regularly loved by the parents, which causes them to be obedient to what they say at all times.

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