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Critque on Cinderella

             With reading Cinderella my opinion is that the author was explaining very obvious relationship between children and the story Cinderella and I would have to agree with them. "Cinderella": A story of Sibling Rivalry and Oedipal Conflicts," by Bruno Bettelheim. Bruno Bettelheim explains this story very well as if this story was written for exactly what he is talking about, Bettelheim explanation of how he thinks the story does interact with real life and how the plot is simple enough to be understood by a child. Bettelheim explains how all kids either with or without siblings go through the "agonies and hopes" that they can be in the spotlight or otherwise known as the childhood Cinderella. With Reading this I believe that it does a very good job explaining the story and the relationships between kids and the story. The way he describes how children I always want to be something that they dream or read about.
             "Cinderella" finds its way into so many children's hearts because of a relationship children feel with the characters. "Bethlehem believes that sibling rivalry is both a very real and very strong force in a child"s sensitive structure". The feelings that kids get, such as the sense of ones unimportance inflicted by sibling rivalry, allows children to associate closely with the story of Cinderella. Bettelheim also explains how all kids either with or without siblings go threw the "agonies and hopes" that they can be in the spot light or other wise know as the Cinderella child. .
             Regardless of how absurdly over-dramatized Cinderella's burdens seem to adults, children see themselves in a position that mirrors that of the character. One thing Bettelheim does not do is making a distinction between girl and boy's reactions to the story. Bettelheim also explains very nicely the attraction of children to "Cinderella" I believe that Bettelheim thinks that all chilred undergo some kind of ashamed and low self-esteem, and those feelings come from the sibling jealousy conflict; in which the children want to gain there parents" undivided love for them.

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