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            The story of Cinderella has a universal appeal. Cinderella consists of several versions that reflect different cultures. In the Nigerian "Cinderella" version, the tale was recorded in the (West Africa) Hausa language and published, originally, in 1911 by Frank Edgar. The story is about a man who had two wives, and they each had a daughter. The wife he disliked fell ill, and she died. Her daughter moved into the home of the favored wife and became a maidservant. She befriended a frog at the borrow-pit, and the frog showered her with gifts for the chief's festival. The chief was in search for a wife and he chose Cinderella. In contrast to the Native American "Cinderella" version, the tale was told, originally, in the Algonquin language. The story is about an Invisible man, who is under the care of his sister. His sister takes walks in the park and girls get all dressed up to see the Invisible man. Yet, they are unable to see him. In a village, there was a widower and his three daughters. The cruel, older sister tortured the youngest, ill daughter. She was known as the "Oochigeaskw- the rough-faced girl." The tale concludes with the rough-faced girl becoming the wife of the Invisible man. Both tales resemble each other in some ways; while at the same time contrast each other. .
             In the Nigerian version, the role of a festival is of great importance. Cinderella was a maidservant in the home of her stepmother. As a result, she made friends with a frog, which she fed the scrapings from the pot. A festival took place in the honor of the chief's son in order for him to find a wife. The frog showered Cinderella with gold, silver, and jewels. The chief found favor in the eyes of Cinderella and off she left leaving behind her golden shoe. As a result of the role that the festival had, caused Cinderella to be adorned with this golden shoe that inevitably fit her. In contrast to the Native version, there is the absence of a festival.

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