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english essay

            Adeline was always know as bad luck ever since she was born, because of her mothers death she was treated poorly by her siblings and her father. After her father married "Niang" she turned out to despise Adeline and treat her like an outcast from all the time she knew Adeline.
             Adeline had grown up with love and support from her Aunt Baba, Ye Ye her Grandfather and also 3rd Brother. When she was younger she also had her Grandmother but she passed away.
             When Adeline was young her Grandmother supported her and was proud of her, once when they were at the dinner table and Adeline had become top of her class, her Grandmother praised her and was proud of her. But her brothers and sisters gave her looks and then stole some of her dessert from her on their way out. Then her Grandmother died, and Adeline was very upset. But she still had her Ye Ye and her Aunt Baba and 3rd brother. Adeline's reaction was her feeling sad because of the way she was treated and thought of. And how she doesn't feel respected by her family. .
             Adeline's Ye Ye (grandfather), had always believed in her and had always given her advice and made her feel special. "Quote". "You are far from garbage, you are precious and special! I have faith in you and one day you will show the world what you are really made of". Adeline always listened and cherished his words. "Quote". "When I go back to school, I"ll try even harder! And if I should be so lucky as to succeed one day, it"ll be because you believed in me!" .
             3rd Brother wasn't like her other siblings, they played tricks on her and teased and bullied her and made her feel she had no respect.
             3rd brother wasn't like that and he talked to her nicely and listened to her feelings and dreams. He didn't play any tricks on her except for one time when they called her down to the room where they were cooling off with juice, they wanted to reward her for Writing Competition held by the Shanghai Newspaper Association.

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