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The English of Diane Baker Mason

            The above prose "The low rent sort of girl" by Diane Baker Mason was published in the Women's Post , A newspaper of ideas and discussion for professional women, in the November 2003 edition. The writer has talked about her life , only a small part of her life, where she has mentioned how she is not too well off, but she still manages pretty well. She does not like to spend too much money on anything as she is afraid of being homeless however there are a few temptations that she has and find herself unable to get over them and gets carried over. .
             The essay is that of narrative type where the author talks about the way her life has been. She explains to her audience how she lived in her childhood. She writes as if she is talking to her audience directly. She believes in telling her likes and her dislikes and expresses her feelings freely. This essay is only about her feelings and nothing else. The tone of the essay is expressive and even if the author does mention not being rich at the same time she is not upset or at least there is nothing of that sort expressed in the essay. The author is opinionated and expresses it freely. As some people may find it embarrassing to mention something like "being poor", the author takes no shame in expressing it though. .
             The author has used terms like "du jour", "citoyenne from Revolutionary France", which shows the author's relation with the French and France's history. She seems to have knowledge about the French people. Since Canada has two national languages , English and French. And the author thus uses these words in passage considering the reader to know these things. The normal dictionary needed in this article would thus be Canadian as the author being a Canadian has expressed everything in that form and for someone from outside the Canada would need this dictionary. .
             The language in this article is casual and the writer is not too formal. She talks about money and the way she spends it or the reason why she does not like to spend it.

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