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Accomplishes in English Class

            In English 110, I have learned many skills that helped develop my writing. I have learned such things as making an outline, paragraph, to proofread, and to make a final draft. Learning how to make an outline helped me because it organizes my thoughts when I make an essay. I have had difficulties making essays before because I did not know what came first or second. Afterwards, making an essay was easier since I now know where things go. I now know where my ideas go in the essay.
             After making an outline, it is time to start the essay. An essay is composed of five or more paragraphs. Moreover, a paragraph is composed of six or more sentences. However, how do you connect these paragraphs to make an essay look whole and complete? The answer is transitional sentences. These sentences eliminate the gap between the paragraphs and make it "glide smoothly until the end of the essay. This helps by not confusing the reader.
             After finishing an essay, you may think it is done but it is not. I have also learned that you can not just give in an essay and expect it to be error free. You need to proofread. Proofreading helps me by spotting those errors that I did not notice when writing the essay. After proofreading that is when you write your final draft. You final draft should be your corrected and retyped paper, error free. This may seem like a long process but it is all worth it when you see the drastic change in your grade. And finally, that it was I learned in English 110.

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