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The Benefits of Learning English

            I began to study the English language when I was thirteen years old. My goal was that someday I would be able to communicate in English fluently, and more importantly, with confidence. I hoped that mastering the English language would help me not only to expand my personal knowledge, but to open limitless opportunities in my future. At that time, it  seemed  almost  impossible for me to be able to speak English. However, as most teenagers, I was easily drawn to anything that sparked my interest. Both at school and at home, I immersed myself in learning this foreign language and concentrated all of my attention in excelling in it. Although I had become quite proficient in reading and writing in English  by the time I was 18, I still believed I was one of the worst speakers. Doubt and nervousness were eating me from the inside as an acid. I was afraid to open my mouth and say even one word in English. However, one memorable experience had completely transformed my self-perception and gave me confidence and motivation to accomplish my dream. .
             At that time, I was a student of Kazakhstan University, majoring in English language. Overall, I was very content with my life. I spent a lot of time with interesting young people who shared a common passion for communicating in English; I also became a member of a group that went to the American Embassy to watch American movies every Friday. I studied English, tried to speak it and felt heroic about it. Nevertheless, the lack of confidence still living inside me made me feel a vague disaffection, self-rebellion. Knowing how to speak English fluently would offer me a lot of opportunities, such as being hired for an accomplished position in foreign companies. However, I had a difficulty and feared to speak English with native speakers. I knew I had to change my life and somehow find a way to steep myself into an environment that would drive me to conquer my fears of expressing and communicating in English.

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