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Notes on a College English Course

            Colleges and Universities require incoming freshmen to take assessment tests to determine their placement in English and Math. These tests vary from school to school, but they typically consist of multiple-choice questions as well as requiring students to write a short essay to assess their writing skills. After a week or so, the score of the assessments are made available online or they will be mailed to you. Some really high scores allows students to skip certain courses in college. A low score indicates that one must take preparatory classes before being allowed to take college-level course.
             After receiving my scores in the mail I learned that I was going to be taking a remedial Math and English course. I didn't know what to expect! All I can remember was telling my mom that I felt stupid because I was not only going to be taking one remedial class but two through my freshman year of college. In a sense I thought, "Hey since two of my classes are remedial they might just be piece of cake". After my first month and half of being in my math class it was going all right. I remember things here and there. When it came down to my English class I felt hopeless. .
             The days that I have English there's always different assignments due. Whether it's annotated readings, journal entries, or essays. I never knew what annotated reading meant and never understood the purpose but by being in this class it has really improved my comprehensive skills while reading. I have always struggled with reading. I never understood anything I was given to read. By having annotating readings assigned for homework it really helped me. Taking little side notes on the margins help me remember what I had previously read. Circling and highlighting words gives me the opportunity to go back after I'm done reading and look up what that word actually means and how it was used in the sentence.
             I accepted the fact that if I was given a topic to write an essay on in fifth, sixth, and seventh grade, then there was no doubt that I was not going to have to write essays in college.

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