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Writting in College

             As defined in the dictionary surveys are detailed inspections or investigations, general or comprehensive views of a subject or a gathering of a sample of data or opinions considered to be representatives of a whole. Surveys are very useful when it comes to finding out certain things and how people feel about them. It can also help to promote products and ideas. This survey is used to promote ideas about the writing curriculum at Penn State University. Teachers will be able to use the survey to see how students feel about writing and what areas need worked on to help prepare students for the future. College kids today, as a whole, don't really realize how much writing is used in college. They know of the finals and project but it comes as a surprise to many students when it is required to write a paper in a class where it wasn't expected. Many courses such as communications, science, and history require at least on paper during the semester. Writing is very important and many students don't fully know that nor do a lot care. "Writing skills can be the ticket to better college grades and greater academic achievement.""(Hansen 2002) Students were surveyed on many topics dealing with writing as a study aid, a tool, the process for papers and course papers in general. The significance of learning the proper skills of writing and just knowing how to use writing to ones advantage is something many students don't think about but should because of the everyday importance. As said by Andrew Craig, an English professor at Harvard, writing is a part of our everyday lives and it should be known how to do it properly and to our advantage. (Craig 2001) Also writing is used in many work fields so even after college writing is used. "A 1992 survey of 402 companies reported by the Associated Press noted that executives identified writing as the most valued skill but said 80 percent of their employees at all levels need to improve.

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