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Life And Accomplishments Of John Wallis

            Life and Accomplishments of John Wallis.
             John Wallis was born on the year of 1616. His father was also named John Wallis and was a minister in Ashford. John Wallis 1st met Joanna Chapman and married her in 1612 to be his second wife. They had five children together and John Wallis being third oldest. .
             In 1612 when John was just six years old his father died and john was left to be raised by his mother. He first attended school in Ashford but his mother moved them to Tenterden, Kent because a plague broke out in Ashford. In 1625 at the age of thirteen John wrote an autobiography called Wallis Comments. In this book he explain that he is ready and capable of attending a university at his age. Later John did go to college. He attended Emmanuel College Cambridge. In college he studied philosophy, Languages, grammer, and other non-math-related classes. He first was introduced to math when one Christmas his brother taught him some simple rules in math. John still pursued his studies in colleges and for fun he would do math problems. To him it was entertainment. In 1640 he graduated from college with his masters Degree.
             After College he got a job as a person that decoded messages. At this time a Civil war was going on and he decoded messages from the Parliamentarians. He was very good with grammar and languages.
             In 1643 Johns mother died. Leaving him some land. Shortly after John found himself a girl and married Susanna Glyde on March 14, 1965.
             That's when John really started to get into math. He read a book by Oughtred named Clavis Mathematicae. He read this blood in two weeks and after that he started to make his own formulas. He even started to write his own books with his formulas and math thoughts in them. Wallis was an English Mathematician. His first book about math was Treatise of Angular Sections which went unpublished for 40 years. In this book he explained that he discovered methods of solving equations to the degree four.

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