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Security and American Commercial Air Travel

             After the events of September 11, 2001, questions were raised regarding the reliability and security of American commercial air travel and the safety of U.S. airports from which commercial planes depart and land. More than any other component of the U.S. transportation system, air security has garnered the most attention because historically, in large measure, the adoption of counterterrorism policies and programs are in direct response to specific events (Waugh, 2004) in his article says that. Airplanes were used to carry out the events of September 11th, therefore the aviation sector has received a large amount of counterterrorism attention. Since 9/11 and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, several measures have been implemented to enhance aviation security. Deployment of federal passenger screeners at the nation's airports.
             - Institution of 100% checked baggage screening; utilization of explosive detection systems or explosive trace detection equipment to screen checked baggage.
             - Background checks on all airport personnel.
             - Suspension of the Transit without Visa program (and the International-to-International transit program (ITI), eliminating terrorists' ability to exploit such programs to gain access to U.S.-bound aircraft or the United States.
             - Expansion of the Federal Air Marshal program so that thousands of protective air marshals are now flying on commercial aircraft.
             Effectiveness .
             In the article from Derek Guajardo d. (2002)( how 9/11 changed us) he says that ever since 9/11 happened security has been deteriorating through airports worldwide and the tsa has not been doing a real good job of maintain and being effective at keeping terrorist threats away from airports. Guajardo also goes to say that the task doesn't even have a certified set of rules and regulations that they follow to keep everybody safe each airports tsa makes up their own rules about what it means to fly terrorist free.

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