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            Control can be a very powerful entity to posses. In the wrong hands, control can be a very dangerous power for one to hold. Control is a power that people attempt to harness in order to gain wealth, high social status, and a false sense of security. .
             To begin with, wealth can bring one a large amount of control over many people and possessions. Money is one form of control that many people attempt to achieve in order to make gains in their lives. Money can buy one political power from "dirty" politicians, favors by making large contributions to political parties, money can buy one protection, it can buy one a place in the social hierarchy, and many other items that could benefit one's self in many aspects. With these items that money could buy, many people will do favors for a person in order to make gains for themselves. Also, with wealth one can procure many possessions that other people may then want as well. People may begin to look up to one with such possessions as a person with power and clout. Money can acquire one a considerable amount of social standing.
             Secondly, if one possesses a high social status one can have a considerable amount of control over people of lesser social status. When one obtains a high social standing many people will begin to follow that one person in hopes of gaining more social status for himself. The people that follow one with social power may do favors for that one person with the power in expectation of a favor in return. People such as George Wallis that had or have a very high social and political status could control the actions of a large number of people that had the same beliefs and political aspirations. Anyone that voiced an opinion or belief other than that of Wallis could be threatened or even killed. Many people that disagreed with Wallis would be thrown in jail on false charges, have others threaten them or their families, and many people that disagreed with the majority would be killed.

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