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Birth Control and Teen Pregnancy

            Imagine you are sitting in a waiting room eagerly looking at the clock. You'tr nervous about what's to come - dreading what you may hear from the doctor. You're sixteen years old, alone, and terrified. The doctor gives you the results and says that you are pregnant. Your eyes suddenly become foggy and your heart sinks. This happens every day for young girls across the country. There have been far too many people who have let the rising problem of teenage pregnancy go without prevention. .
             Too many people are more concerned with trying to stop teenagers from their actions than taking actions to limit the damages caused by the inevitable. Having a child as a teen means the mother is more likely to drop out of school, delay her educational advancement, and end up living in borderline poverty and receiving welfare assistance from the government. If schools step in to help accommodate the protection needs of teenagers, the statistic of teenage pregnancy is predicted to drop dramatically.
             For decades, the primary means of preventing teenage pregnancies was to demand that teenagers not be involved in sexual intercourse, a tactic akin to ordering a hungry tiger not to maul you. Teenagers, male and female alike go through hormones changes that drive them toward sexual thoughts and actions. Since there is no medication that can prevent these desires, as parents we should be aware of the medications that can be used to prevent more than the damage of a broken heart. Teenage males have the ability to go into a convenience store and purchase condoms in an effort to prevent pregnancy, but teenage girls have to go through their parents to gain access to a more reliable form of protection. It seems unfair that there is no person that a young female can talk with in confidence. .
             When talk is in the air about having birth control distributed in high schools, the argument against it is that it is only encouraging sex between teens and they should know to be abstinent.

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