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Methods of Birth Control

            Imagine you are sitting in a waiting room, eagerly looking at the clock. You are nervous about what is to come and you are dreading what you could be hearing from your doctor. You are called into the examination room. The doctor tells you that you are pregnant. This happens every day for young girls across the country. The answer to all the young girls out there who are sexually active is birth control. Birth Control is any act, drug, or device that is intended to prevent pregnancy. For example, abstinence, Implanon, the pill, the patch, the shot or the IUD are all simple ways to prevent yourself from getting pregnant.
             "Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs" ("Abstinence"). Abstinence is when you refrain from all types of sexual activity. Many sexual activities cannot result in pregnancy, but they are still considered sexual intimacy. To prevent breaking your practice in abstinence, try avoiding high-pressured situations like empty dorm rooms with your significant other. You may find that abstinence is more rewarding than you ever thought it could be. Most teenagers in eighth grade to senior year in high school lose their virginity. Once you are out of high school having sex may or may not be acceptable but you are old enough to understand and be mature about it. When you are young you don't understand the meaning of love and why adults have sex. As a teenager you should be worried about school and friends, not being pregnant or possibly have a sexually transmitted disease. This is why young teens should practice abstinence.
             A second form of birth control that is common is the Implanon or also called the Nexplanon. For example, "The object itself is the size of a match that you use to start a fire, and it is surgically inserted into your arm by a professional" (Birth Control Implant). It lasts up to three years and you can get it removed and have another one inserted immediately.

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