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Birth Control and the Advancement of Women

            Fifty-two years ago, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of contraceptives, and the radical decision was made despite great controversy. Millions of people across America were against legalizing a birth control pill, questioning its safety and whether or not a woman, purposefully preventing a pregnancy, was moral. (Norton, Paterson & Alexander, 2006). People wondered if easy access to birth control would lead men and women to engage more frequently in promiscuous sex (Collins, 2010). Moreover, people feared that birth control would reduce the rate of fertility in America. These concerns were somewhat well-founded, as promiscuity rose and birthrates dropped in the US, Europe, and Asian countries who had also legalized contraceptives. .
             The birth control pill was introduced in 1960 with a product known as "Enovid". It's presence in the American market led to its introduction in Italy in the year 1970. Besides helping women avoid unwanted pregnancies, the pills had a positive effect on the mental state of women (May, 2010). The pill immediately handed women the power to determine whether or not they became pregnant. Men were no longer in charge of birth control (via condom). .
             As a psychology student, I am interested in the field of human being's mentality and thoughts. Therefore, the subject of the approval of birth control pills is of great importance to me as it frees the minds of women who use it. I also have the duty to study societal behavior and relate it to people's thoughts and actions. Therefore, actions that have effects on the society are of great relevance to me and this includes the authorization of the pill which has numerous individual and societal ramifications which influenced my career choice greatly. As a woman, I also have special interests in how we function and conduct ourselves in our day to day activities.
             The authorization of the birth control pill led to several benefits to the members of the society, particularly women.

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