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            Since the 1960's birth control has come a long way, with over 10 million women in this country currently using birth control. This can also include abstinence which is deciding not to have sex. Methods of contraception ensure that pregnancy does not occur even when you have sex. It has become a helpful way for women to plan pregnancies if and when they so choose. Birth control can help prevent pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases, as well as help unwanted pregnancies from negatively affecting society. .
             First of all, prevention is key in stopping unwanted pregnancies. Planning ahead with birth control can greatly reduce risk of pregnancy. Almost all women between the ages of 13 and 50 share some risk of unwanted pregnancy. Each year, over 90% of sexually active women will succeed in preventing unwanted pregnancy during each menstrual cycle. Every year nearly 80 million unintended pregnancies occur worldwide, and more than half of these pregnancies end in abortion. An estimated 150 million women in developing countries say they would prefer to plan their families but are not using contraception methods. The choice of birth control is necessary for women to prevent undesired pregnancy. However, it can also assist in avoiding other risks involved with sexual intercourse. .
             In addition, sexually transmitted diseases are a wide spread problem in the United States. Several forms of birth control such as condoms and diaphragms can prevent sexual partners from receiving diseases from one another. Without these forms of contraception, sexual partners have no other way of avoiding these diseases. Reproductive health services, which include voluntary family planning, can help couples avert high-risk pregnancies. Other highlights of these services are: preventing unwanted childbearing and abortion, and avoid diseases such as HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, that can lead to death, disability, and infertility.

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