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Informative Essay - Birth Control Pills

            The birth control pill is an oral contraceptive for women, containing the hormones estrogen and progesterone that inhibit ovulation, fertilization, or implantation of a fertilized ovum, causing temporary infertility (dictionary.com). Today, the demand for birth control pills has risen over the years, and this has become very important for many women. With this point, getting birth control pills with parental consent is a debatable topic. Discussed in this paper, are reasons teenagers should not seek consent from their parents before getting birth control pills. First, if women were told hundred years ago that they will be able to take a pill that will prevent them from getting pregnant, they would not believe it. Teenagers should not have to get consent from their parents before getting the pill because it helps prevent unwanted pregnancies and also reduces the number of pregnant teenagers. According to the Britannica Academic, "when oral contraceptives are used correctly, they are between 92 and 99 percent effective in preventing an unintended pregnancy" (Britannica Academic). Chances of unintended pregnancies are as a result of lack of contraception. Many teens are scared of opening up about their sex life to their parents because they believe that their parents might disown them or stop them from having sex. Almost half of teenage girls engage in sexual intercourse by the time they turn 18. So it is better to be on the birth control pill without letting their parents know than having unwanted pregnancies which could hinder their lives. Therefore, teens have a safer home and peace of mind when their parents know nothing about their sex life.
             Secondly, teenagers should not seek consent from their parents before getting birth control because that decision could damage teens. With or without a parent's approval, teenagers will still have sex and use oral contraceptives regardless.

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