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Teen Pregnancy

             According to an Article in Issues and Controversies almost 1 million teenage girls become pregnant every year.
             Reason to Listen to Topic:.
             Many of you may have known a teenager who has become pregnant.
             Purpose Statement:.
             Today I am going to talk to you about Teen Pregnancy.
             Preview Statement:.
             Specifically, I will talk to you about how teen pregnancy is a problem for.
             our society and why teenagers get pregnant, then I will talk to you about.
             how the current system deals with teen pregnancy, and finally I tell you .
             about one proposed solution, like having free birth control for middle .
             and high school students.
             I. Headline:.
             A. More and more teenagers become pregnant everyday.
             1. An Issues and Controversies article stated that 3000 teenage .
             girls become pregnant everyday.
             2. And also stated that 10% of all 15-19 year old girls become .
             pregnant every year and 1:5 of those girls will have a 2nd pregnancy .
             within a year.
             II. Headline.
             A. There are many influences on teen pregnancy in today's society. .
             1.According to the book Teen Pregnancy and Parenting:.
             a. Peer Pressure - " If you love me you"ll do it." "Everyone .
             is doing it".
             b. Sex in the media - lots of sex scenes in the TV programs and .
             movies teens watch.
             c. Wanting someone to love them - some thing having a baby is .
             the only way to have someone truly love them.
             d. Sexual Ignorance - which is the biggest problem teens face, .
             they don't know the facts about getting pregnant.
             C. Part of the problem is that teens aren't using birth control.
             1. "Sexually active teens who do not use a form of birth control should.
             expect to get pregnant." - Joseph Hotz.
             2. As done in a recent study by the Zero Population Growth .
             "Backgrounder" the chances of becoming pregnant while using a form .
             of birth control is clearly low.
             a. Contraceptives 3%.
             b. Diaphragm 2-21%.
             c. IUD's 6%.
             d. Condoms 12%.
             e. Withdrawal 18%.
             f. Rhythm 20%.
             g. Foams 21%.
             3. The same "Backgrounder" also thought it should be known that only .
             33% of teenagers use birth control that leaves a whopping 67% of .

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