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Everyone's an Author: To Be or Not to Be?

            I am writing this to the Chair of the English Department to recommend that the book, Everyone's An Author, be the required textbook for all English 101 classes. As an English 101 student, I have found Everyone's An Author to be a very helpful resource when issues came about with writing. For the past three months, I have used this book to help me write in different ways and styles that I was not accustomed to. I have found that all the features and aspects of this book have helped me become a better writer.
             The English 101 class is designed to put emphasis on the composing, reading, and research processes appropriate to academic writing. This class provides great opportunities to practice effective writing and critical reading, and building confidence in using many different writing strategies. This book is the right one to use to accomplish all of those goals. This is the perfect book for all writers, but especially college students. Everyone's An Author has been of great use to me and many other people that I know who use it. I love this book because it covers every concept of writing, like genre, rhetoric, narrating, analysis, stance, reporting information, writing reviews, researching and many more, that college students, even just regular writers, need, it's very easy to understand, it's relatable to the students using it, and it has many great features. The main purpose of the book is to help writers by offering explanations and examples of different ideas in writing. The book does this so that any writer who is having trouble figuring out a writing idea, can get a better understanding of any concept they have issues with. .
             This book has many features that set it apart from other textbooks or make it a very great one to use. Each feature adds to the book in its own way and allow the student a better, easier way to understand the concepts covered within its pages. The most influential features of the book are: the different colored pages that represent different sections, the marginal boxes, and the sectioning of the chapters or parts of the book.

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