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Almost Everyone Does It.

             When it comes to children's books, there are so many choices. It's hard to find one that will have a good effect on your children. You want to find books that can entertain as well as inform your kids about life and what is good and or bad and how to distinguish which is which. Taro Gomi, a Japanese author of children's books, has some of the best ideas on how to get their attention and keep them entertained for a long period of time. In Taro's book, Everyone Poops, he gives us reasons to celebrate this natural act of every living, breathing, and eating organism. From mammals to reptiles, fish to birds, Taro takes us on an adventure through the different process of "evacuation" for every species. Everyone Poops is a book that taught millions of children including my self that making a number two is part of life, and it's okay to do that even if it does smell funny. .
             When I was young and learning how to use the toilet, I never felt comfortable using it for the act of "number two," but when my mother noticed this she got the book I consider my childhood bible, Everyone Poops, from a friend who had visited Japan. This book gave me the knowledge of the magic "number two" and that it was ok to do it. The humorous illustrations and the wording keeps you laughing through the whole thing. The script is both simple and humorous. The book starts off, "An elephant makes a big poop. A mouse makes a tiny poop. A one-humped camel makes a one humped poop, and a two-humped camel makes a two humped poop." (Gomi) That's just the type of humor that kids can understand and laugh about while they learn. It gave me the courage to do it, and I"m sure it did the same for many others. To this day, I owe my bathroom skills to Everyone Poops.
             I was first introduced to Taro's work as a young child when it was in its original Japanese text; but the illustrations were enough to get the whole idea, and then some. After some time, we were told to bring in a children's book for my high school English class; I ended up seeing this book, to my surprise, in English.

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