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A Little Bit For Everyone

             The current capitalist economic system will destroy the world. That is essentially what followers of the principles of communism believe, and what they would have the average man (or woman) also believe. While the influence of communism is not acknowledged by many as having an affect on the world today, the changes being wrought by capitalism are slowly building up to a breaking point, which will leave the world in a communist state. This is something the United States would do well to take note of, when setting their foreign policy. Otherwise they, and the rest of the world will face the consequences when the giant capitalist machine breaks down, and there's finally a little bit for everyone.
             Follower's of the communist credo believe that the greatest threats posed to the world today, stem from capitalism. These dangers include, constant economic and social disruptions, the reoccurring crisis of over production, a growing inequality between the "have" and the "have not", and lastly the creation of a new, dissatisfied class of people, who have nothing to loose by destroying the system. The principle cure for these problems is the same. The people must be given more control of state production. However to understand the dangers that capitalism poses, one must more closely examine these ailments. .
             By it's very nature, capitalism causes dangerous, unceasing economic and social disruptions. The rise and fall of markets, and the rapid transfer of wealth around the globe, creates an inherently unstable environment in which people are expected to function. " capital is in the process of destabilizing it's own revolution," (Grieder 229), says William Grieder. Which is to say, that even as the capitalist machine creates this amazing new social revolution, it is by its very actions unbalancing the economic and social aspects of the world, that are vital for stable markets and economies. Economic disruptions naturally lead to social disruption, which further damages potential markets, which cause further social disruption the patter here is clearly evident.

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