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            Just imagine you get up at 6:30 in the mourning dreary-eyed and lead footed knowing you have a trip today day you stagger towards the door. You grab your clothes get dressed while you are running downstairs and eat your breakfast. You wake your parents to take you to school. You get to school but now you must make a decision. You must decide which educational trip you will go on. In this paper I will tell a little bit about each trip and discuss the pros and cons of each trip.
             The two trips are one; you would head down to the Palisades Park and go on a nature hike exploring caves and meadows of flowers. You would be there most of the day eat lunch around a campfire and get back around 8:30. On trip number two; you would go to the science station in Des Moines. There you would get to see a wide variety of rocks, plants, animals, and much much more. You would also get to eat lunch in the break rooms. Those are your two choices now I will talk about the pros and cons of each trip.
             First I will talk about the pros. In the first trip you would see breath taking sites of nature, free roaming wild life, and strange formations developed by rocks. Also you would get to do some canoeing and paddle boating. You would eat lunch around a small campfire enjoying hotdogs, smores and other small side dishes. The second trip is for the person who doesn't like being in the outdoors too much. You would be in air conditioned rooms all day getting pizza delivered to you in the break room for lunch. In the break rooms you would get to play foosball, video games, and watching TV. .
             Next I will talk about the cons for each trip. For trip number one you would have to work a lot with all the hiking and rowing. You will probably get pretty sweaty and smelly. The food probably wouldn't be exactly gourmet. If you like the outdoors trip number two; wouldn't be the best choice for you. It would cost a bit more because of the pizza and TV fees.

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