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Road Trip- The Goonies

             Imagine seven suburban kids that live out in a place called the Goon Docks, saving their community and becoming adventurous heroes. This may not sound likely in how things run today, but apparently in 1985 something like this did exist. In 1985 Steven Spielberg created a movie called The Goonies that was a box office hit by seven suburban characters from the Goon Docks. The Goon Docks was the type of suburb where everyone knew each other and not everyone got along. Specifically though, there were the "average" kids versus the "prep" kids. .
             The slight difference of average and prep begins the movie. One of the prep's fathers owns a firm of country clubs and has been buying land throughout many communities hoping to tear down houses the average families live in and build a country club right over their houses. Unfortunately, the Goonies (the kids who live in the Goon Docks), Mikey, Brand (Mikey and Brand are brothers), Chunk, Mouth, Data, Andy and Stef lived within that territory and the last thing they all wanted to do was move away from each other. The Goonies wanted to save their home and their community.
             One day Mikey, Brand, Chunk (a complete klutz), Mouth, and Data were wondering in Mikey's attic and Chunk broke a frame where the five of them found an old map. This map would lead them to One Eyed Willy's (pirate who died on his ship) treasure. The five of these Goonies, along with Andy and Stef, wanted to find the treasure hoping to use that money to out bid the country club owners and keep their community and houses; but in actuality they ended up running into underground passages, booby-traps, and running away from three Fratelli gangsters who also want the treasure.
             Throughout the entire movie the most motivated one was Mikey, who was also the youngest. He was the only one in the beginning who had hoped to find this treasure while everyone else wanted to go home. Through water tunnels, wells, and pirate ships, all seven of the Goonies fled home with a little something extra and a home to go home to.

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