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Charles Dickens

             Charles Dickens is an extremely influential British author. From novels such as A Tale of Two Cities, to the Christmas classic, A Christmas Carol, his works are renowned. Dickens' stories have been passed down through generations, and will continue. He is timeless. In this essay, I will discuss how the life of Charles Dickens was portrayed through his works, and how his tales have influenced British Literature.
             Dickens was born February 7, 1812 to John and Elizabeth Dickens in Portsea, England. He was the second of six children in their family. Dickens has said that he was "born an actor, and as a child became an astute singer of comic songs with all the actions and all the attitudes- ( Ackroyd 9). Charles Dickens was born with creativity and ambition. That was soon taken away from him when hard times struck his family. They were forced to move to the suburbs of London, which were places of poverty. His parents could no longer provide education for him. John Dickens was placed in jail for debt reasons, and Elizabeth forced Charles to become a thief.
             Dickens began to use these experiences when he started writing. Many of the people that he came into contact with were later portrayed as characters. For example, Charles held a strong grudge against his mother for forcing him to become a thief. Because of this rage, he portrayed her as Mrs. Nickelby. After reading the novel herself, Charles and Elizabeth Dickens were no longer close. .
             He also knew what it was really like to live the life of his characters Fargin and the Artful Dodger. These characters were true to the life that Dickens faced as he was growing up. He actually knew a man named Fargin, who helped Dickens when he became ill while working at the factory.
             Charles Dickens later wrote for a parliamentary newspaper, where he made the most tragic situations humorous to the common people of London. This was not done mainly through words, but with sketches.

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