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What Were The Main Causes Of The American Revolution

            What Was The Main Causes Of The American Revolution.
             Many factors brought about the War of Independence in America. I will consider and analyse some of the larger factors bringing about the revolution. The American Revolution wasn't like any other revolution, there was no revolt against the higher class nor was it about suppressing the lower class. The revolution included all people of all the races of all classes. It was against another country.
             England's opinion of the colonists of America was quite low, they thought of them as the "mongrels" of Europe. They had as much right as England allowed and no more. America existed solely for England, providing her with raw materials, food and a market place for the sales of goods. The English people thought of the colonists as being rather lazy, they thought the colonists were enjoying their days whilst laying about eating food. If this was true then why shouldn't the colonists be taxed more? These reasons led the enforcement of the Navigations Act, which placed duties on certain products like molasses, rice, naval stores, furs, sugar and tobacco. Also the colonies could only trade with England, from there the English would sell the products to other countries with quite a large profit margin included. The English owed 4 million dollars. Still the colonies managed to prosper, this was mainly because of the lard back attitude the English government took on when it came to the enforcement of the system. This, in turn, allows trade to continue with the French West Indies, cutting out England and her taxes.
             The vicious was between the English, French and Indians commonly known as the 7 years war had created a conflict between England and her colonies. This is because of the cost of the war; being reasonably expensive the English made the colonies pay for some of it. Also the victory had left England new land to administer. Still the Indians remained a serious threat to the Appalachian frontier.

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