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Causes of french revolution

             Have you ever wondered why a war starts? Or why a war just will not end? Some people do not believe that a war just begins out of nowhere. A war is caused by a series of problems that may begin even a century before. The French revolution is an example is an example of a war that starts from a series of problems. The causes of the French Revolution were the absolute government, the countries" financial difficulties, and the people's social causes.
             The government is what makes and control's a country. The French had an absolute government, which caused a big problem for the French people. Many people became angry about the way France was governed. They could do nothing to change it. In the centuries of seventeen and eighteen is when absolute government ruled the French. Many of the people were very angry and frustrated by the way France was governed. The French parliament was called the Estates-General. It was made up of the first Estate-churchmen or clergy, the second Estate-nobility, and the third Estate- commoners (Carlyle, 46). Every king that took the throne next would gain all the political power. For example, Louis XIV and the kings after him were despots (Carlyle, 47). The kings were not fair with punishments they choose for crimes. If anyone would criticize the government could be arrested and put prison without trial (Doyle,26). The government is just one problem that added to the start of the French Revolution (Carlyle, 48). .
             In all countries, financial difficulties will always be a main factor when it comes to problems. During the eighteen century, French had spent more money then they had collected in taxes. Many of the people wondered why taxes were going up and where all the money was going? Most of the money was kept for the wars. Out of about one hundred years, French was at war for about half of it. France was helping support the Americans in the American War for their independence.

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