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Conservative Revolution

            The American Revolution was not a true revolution as it is revealed to be, but more of a gradual change in American life. Instead of a radical change, it was a result of evolutionary changes that evolved to their way of life. This statement is evident, with political, economic, and social considerations. Within these different ranges of human interest, change had occurred gradually and for some unnoticed. Politically, the governments already had a certain degree of independence, but wanted to be completely free from the oppressive ties of England. Economically, the country was developing strategies for trading with other countries, although it was forbidden, and had also developed a small amount of self-sufficiency to some degree. Social changes were only a progression through time, and a gradual change in what was considered to be socially acceptable and normal behavior in the colonies. .
             Before, throughout and after the American Revolution, there was a noticeable evolution in the political standpoint in the colonies. Starting with the First Continental Congress, progressing to the Second Continental Congress, and finally leading to the Articles of the Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. After some men were killed at Lexington and Concord, the Second Continental Congress came together to form a semblance of a "temporary" national government. This evolution of a congress is clear as it eventually formed the Articles of Confederation after the war. Even though the monarchy of England left a hatred for a strong centralized government, this type of government was necessary to control and aid the nation. The Revolution set in the minds of people, a love for democracy and the expectation of equal rights. There was never an abrupt change in the government, just a gradual change into a progressively stronger government. However, these changes still contained the principals of equality and the "American" outlook on life.

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