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The Causes of the American Revolution

            Between 1763 and 1776 many actions opposed by the British government initiated antagonism and protest within the American colonies, eventually leading to a war for independence. Many factors lead to this war. The main causes were political, economic and military issues. .
             In the years 1754-1763 a war between France and Britain arose in the Americas. The French and Indian War, also known as the "Seven-Year War, was fought to decide which of Britain or France would become the stronger power in North America, each side relying on its colonists and Indian allies to fight. Although the British had won the war, the end of the French and Indian War however had resulted in large debt that the British Parliament decided would be repaid by a raise in taxes on the colonies, being as they were the primary beneficiaries of the successful prosecution of the war. Taxes were imposed on a number of items, including legal documents and tea. Stamps were issued to be affixed onto the legal documents and newspapers. Beginning in 1765, protests at the taxes and stamps began to mount in the colonies. As stated in Document 2 by Sir Thomas Whatley, "They should contribute to the Preservation of the Advantages they have received." This only originated more pandemonium within the colonies. The colonies felt it was unjust to be taxed solely because a war was fought on their grounds, they had never requested for this battle to take place. These military incidents lead to more conflict between Britain and the colonies, however they were not the only cause of the Revolutionary War.
             Following the French and Indian War a greater, more significant war was bound to come. The American Revolutionary War was not only fought because of military problems, but economic problems as well. As a result of the French and Indian War, many taxes were enforced upon the colonies. In June 1767 the English Parliament decided to cut British land taxes.

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