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Causes of American Revolution

            In the following essay I will show and prove, based on my knowledge of history and historical data that the statement "the American Revolution was a war against taxes", is not one-hundred percent accurate. There were many things that led to the American Revolution other then taxes. .
             The Second Charter of Virginia was one of the causes of the Revolutionary War. The way the London Company of Virginia received permission from the king to set up a colony in Virginia was through a series of royal charters (patents), on of which was in 1609. The British government realized that it would be difficult to keep a settlement in Virginia or to obtain any kind of investment interest. During this age of exploration and colonization, it was extremely important for England to have a settlement in the New World. She had to prevent the Atlantic Ocean from being solely by Spanish and Portuguese ships. .
             It was agreed that there would be advantages if the businessmen of London were to invest in the Virginia Company as a means of profit. These merchants owned the ships which would be needed for transportation between Virginia and England. In addition, individuals were also encouraged to make investments.
             Even though the company eventually failed to yield profits, (many ships were lost or wrecked off the American coast) King James I helped the seeds of working for a profit into the minds of early American settlers.
             Salutary neglect or the Mercantile Laws not being reinforced was another reason for the conflicts between England and her colonies. The English Navigation Acts were designed to protect England shipping and to secure profits from the English colonies. For example, goods from Asia, Africa, or America could only be transported to England in English ships. In addition, goods from European countries could only be imported to England using British ships. The act was later supplemented by the prohibition of importing into or exporting from the English colonies of any goods except in English or colonial ships, and it forbade certain thing (tobacco, sugar, etc.

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