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Causes of the American Revolution

             Seventy-five years after the French and Indian War tensions began to grow between American colonists and the British. The British and the colonists realized that they had somewhat grown apart. The different viewpoints of the colonists and the British prompted the American Revolution. The causes of the American Revolution were Parliament taxation, restriction of civil liberties and the legacy of colonial religions and political ideas.
             The first cause of the American Revolution was the taxation of Parliament. After the French and Indian War, the British had huge war debts. Britain also had been forced to reduce taxes because of depression and violence. George Grenville, British Chancellor, believed that the colonists should pay for some of these debts because the war was fought for colonial protection. Also, the colonists received the Ohio River Valley through the war, the war was fought in the colonies, and as British citizens the colonists should pay the same taxes as the people living in Great Britain. The colonists believed that they should not have to pay war debts because they did not even want the British to fight the war in the first place. Also, there was not a huge rush to settle the Ohio River Valley, and after 75 years of salutory neglect the colonists felt more American than British. In the 75 years after the French and Indian war the British laws were not enforced, and they began .
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             to develop their own profits through smuggling. So the colonists wondered why the British would start to enforce rules now. The first tax law passed was the Sugar Act. This act lowered molasses duties and levied new taxes on sugar and other commodities. While this act was made to raise money, most Americans did not view it as any different than traditional taxation. Another taxation act passed was called "The Stamp Act." This act taxed newspapers, pamphlets, almanacs, legal documents, playing cards, and dice.

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