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Caused of American Revolution

             Colonists rejected the enforcement of political, social, and economical regulations imposed by their mother country, Britain, which eventually caused the American Revolution. Politically Colonist were extremely angry over constant implementations of different Acts that only helped the British. Economically Colonists felt Britain would never let them get ahead economically through Britain's overseeing of various Colonial economic activities such as their currency and trade. Socially every Colonist was affected by the various regulations, it would cause rifts between various people, and see colonists in rebellion for what they believed.
             The roots of political cause began at the French and Indian war, which was fought between the British and the French. The British won, but were left with a massive debt they had to pay for, so they looked to the colonies to help themselves. At the beginning, years of salutary neglect by the part of the British left the Colonists alone, and many laws were not really enforced such as the Navigation Acts. Britain began their quest for imperial reorganization through mercantilism. Due to Pontiac's Rebellion the British came up with the Proclamation Line of 1763, which infuriated Colonists because they were not allowed to settle anything west of the Appalachian Mountains. Years that followed Britain also came up with the Declaratory Act in response to the Stamp Act Congress of 1765, which stated they had the right to make laws for all of the thirteen colonies.
             Economic causes were major factors in Colonial rebellion that helped the uprising of the Revolution. The British sought the Colonies to help pay for their debts first thought mercantilism. Mercantilism allowed the British Parliament to restrict what the colonists could and could not manufacture. Then the Currency Act of 1765 prevented the colonies from printing their own money, this system would never let the colonists get ahead economically.

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