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Causes of the American Revolution

             For my essay I have chosen to write about the American Revolution where I will 'assess the causes that lead to the development of the American Revolution'. I have decided to use this question, as I believe it is an interesting topic due to its importance in American history. It is important to know about, as it is the creation of the United States as an ostensibly unified and independent country. It also substantially changed the world, embodying ideologies and influencing movements such as other nations to become independent. The revolutionary principles that led to the formation of the nation continue to influence American society. The American Revolution is not only significant to the United States as for Australia it marks the beginning of their own history where Britain's supremacy tries to take over other nations and influence their political ideologies upon them. .
             The content of my essay includes the main causes of the American Revolution where I have structured it into three categories: political, economic and social. In each category there are a few reasons describing the problems, which arose before the revolution. By doing this, my essay can be well organised where the question is clearly and coherently answered. In my opinion, I believe that the American Revolution was caused by a series of issues that the British imposed upon the American colonists resulting in their discontentment towards them. Their harsh taxes and powerful authority over the American colonists triggered the revolutionary war. The content of my essay that I have included provides information on the main reasons for why the revolution began and the conflict that arose between Britain and America therefore, answering the essay question in which I have created.
             Assess the causes that lead to the development of the American Revolution.
             The American Revolution influenced by political ideas was waged by the American colonies against Britain.

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