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            English, well what is English? We all know that it is a language. But, what is the study of English? People attend English classes. This may be to learn the English Language or to learn about English literature or writing. An English lesson would teach us how to write creatively, based on fact and in different forms, such as essays, reports and narratives. It teaches us new words, to expand our vocabulary and it also teaches us to compare, contrast and how to state our opinion. .
             Recently while writing the research paper, thought came across my mind, "What is good thing about doing all this work?" Well, being a writer is influence in positive way. The good writer is the one who make the difference in their life because they think critically and to be a good writer people have to read quite impressive number of books. So, here are things that I learned from this class and I should emphasize them.
             The first most important thing that I learned is to write with imagery to create the atmosphere, the mood and to create impact for the reader. I used imagery to create the atmosphere by using material object to symbolize an emotional state. I also learned how to use the past and future to create a vivid picture in the readers mind. Meanwhile, I learned how to elaborate on the mood of an issue by using negative and positive sides and using emotion to make the issue more interesting. I noticed while I was writing my papers that it is the most important thing to create a wonder to my readers. .
             Another thing that I learned from this class is to show a strong level of maturity. They are students who participate in class discussions, and I come to class everyday to learn from them how to express my opinion, or what would be the appropriate way to say. Successful or effectiveness of my classmates is not afraid to ask questions and respect to listen others. All this I learned from my classmates.
             My father told me before I came to U.

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