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Falling Leaves

             Adeline's grandfather, Ye Ye and Joseph Tsi-rung Yen (her father), have many similarities and differences. Her father chose to run his family with high demand and Ye Ye seems more laid-back and understandable. When Adeline's mother died, her father became dissatisfied with his life and tried to compensate for this by remarrying Niang (who quickly became the "evil" stepmother). .
             One trait that both father and son had were that they were both very business oriented and knew how to run the show. Ye Ye started the family business as he was the founder for manufacturing wool and cotton textiles, which included carpets, glass, concrete, tiles, paper, soap, matches, toothpaste, carpets, and many food supplies. Joseph and Ye Ye both had the motivation and want to become very wealthy. However, the difference between the two was that, Ye Ye didn't sacrifice all his time away from his family by working so hard and Joseph did. All Joseph cared about was wealth and his demanding wife. Ye Ye looked at things in a different way, he liked to see his grandchildren smile and felt comfort in knowing they were happy. For example, he would take Adeline out for picnics when Niang wasn't home and Father was working. They also had a different way of showing their love for Adeline. Sometimes it seemed Joseph Yen didn't even want Adeline as his child and he was embarrassed of her. Yet, Ye Ye was a loving grandfather and did anything to please her, he believed in Adeline. Joseph would not dream of giving his children the satisfaction of happiness because of his new wife, Niangs cold blood. Ye Ye loved to see the children having fun and Joseph didn't care too much about their happiness and satisfaction in life, he mostly wanted them study. He had an idealistic dream for each child. .
             At first, "Father" didn't show his believable side towards Adeline and the fact he new she had the potential to succeed.

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