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On A Fall Day

             On A Fall Day.
             Thesis: Horseback riding in the fall is when I have my best days.
             As I walk out of the house to get the riding tack, a crisp, autumn breeze fills my lungs while making suspense even greater for the ride to come. Horseback riding in the fall is when I have my best days. .
             While heading down to the stables, I see less activity in nature then I did in the summer, which was not to long ago. At the stables there is a definite smell of horse manure and hay, giving the place a comforting air about it. As I lead my horse, Lighting, from the field to the barn, her bay and white coat glistens in the sun while her moist nose nuzzles me in a delightful greeting. The tack smells of worn leather, which having been used often, is very pliable. After saddling Lightning, we are ready to enjoy the sights, sounds, and feelings of an autumn day.
             After I had mounted Lighting, the leather of the saddle squeaked gently as she began to walk down the colorful trail. The fall leaves had already changed brilliant shades of dark reds, bright yellows, and deep purples, and were starting to detach from the trees. The leaves proceeded to the ground in a wispy dance brought on by a gentle breeze. The horse's hoofs crunched the withered leaves and clipity-clopped over stones. The warm, morning sun shone through the baring trees to flood us with light and warmth. Occasionally, a small animal rustled the many fallen leaves in search of food, as the birds sang a sweet, peaceful melody to whoever would lend a listening ear. .
             I listened and heard the babble of the on coming Cowikee Creek. The sound gets louder as we draw near. As we start to wade through the creek, cold water droplets hit my face and hands sending a chill through out my body. The water continues to splash around us, each time Lighting's foot comes down in a step, until we make it to the other side.

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