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"I spend my Valentines Day with three marvelous ladies"

            "I spend my Valentines Day with three marvelous ladies".
             Can you date with three girls in one Valentines Day? Well I spend my Valentine's Day with three horrible and peculiar girls. Usually I don't have any special program for the Valentines Day as I have no such special person to celebrate with. Therefore, I expected nothing cool from this day. Nevertheless, this year the Valentines Day was a remarkable one. This Valentines Day I spend with three beautiful ladies. I had so much fun and had some peculiar experiences. Ironically, the Opposition Political Party of our country called for Hortal that day. Therefore, I spend the whole day sleeping and seeing nice dreams. In the dreams, I meet with my three ladies and had three dates in a single day and these dreams helped me to take some important decisions for my life.
             I always hate the girls who shout much without any reason. However, in my dream I had my first date with a crazy shouting girl. In my dream, I met with a girl name "Ratri." In dream I found out that, I was already in love with her. I didn't know that how I know her or why I was in love with her. All I know that I was crazy about her and we are well settled couple. The first scene was that she was very angry with me because I was late at date and she was shouting accusing me that I have no responsible. When she was shouting, I looked at her face. She might be pretty but anger made her looking like a bitch. Some people say that dreams are Black & White and have no colors. Certainly, I saw that she had a snow white skin but then she had a reddish shade on her face because of the anger. I was thinking that why I would have like this type of crazy shouting lady. She was accusing me several faults, asking many questions, why I did this or that, why I had gone there etc. Then I asked myself that is all these shouting, accusing means love and care. Did any of the crazy lady's behaviors indicated that she really care about me? Then why would anyone like to be in love.

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