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             " At anytime a box of chocolates can bring the element of surprise to the table just like life itself. Planning a way threw life or choosing a path threw sweet chocolate both have numerous routes to take. The ability for life to be so good at times and possibly dreadful at other times is just like a box of Godiva on Valentines Day. .
             Until the outcome actually happens I am never too sure of what it may be. Life is just one immense aspect of surprise and so is that ever so unique box of candy. When I grab one out I"m constantly thinking about what it could be. The taste is all a mystery until the deliciousness or possibly horrific tang hits your taste buds. I compare that to life because I never really know what's going to happen until it actually happens.
             There are many different routes to take in life. The easy route I can assure you will be the one I"m going to take. This is the time when I break the chocolate open to see if I want to continue this path or give up and try another one. There are some rare occasions when I take the hard route; Pushing threw the rough times when it would be so easy to quit. This is when I just pop the piece of chocolate in my mouth and tough it out even if it has an unpleasant flavor. .
             As life goes on many sweet things and many bad things happen. A tasty piece of fudge melts in my mouth or someone new enters my life. Losing a person close to me in my heart or dealing with a rotten piece of chocolate. Life will always go on in no particular order or scenario. .
             The turn out of life is never what it seems. Every step of the way is more different than the last. I constantly soak up what life has to offer. Whether it's the everyday task of being a kid or eating straight chocolate, working in the business world or eating chocolate covered coconut, life is truly like a box of chocolates. .

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