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Effects of the Fall

             The fall of man has produced many different effects that have changed our minds, bodies, spirituality, and emotions, causing mankind to become further from God's original plan. The moment sin entered our lives; we (humans) became imperfect and unable to achieve the perfection that we lost. The word perfect means; blameless, exact, holy, flawless and sinless says The Writers Digest Dictionary. Adam and Eve shared the most intimate relationship with God. They put an end to that intimacy, when they both took a bite out of the forbidden fruit and caused the first sin. That original sin caused more to humanity than just the lost intimate relationship with God. In Henry Blocher's book Original Sin, he quotes John Calvin writing of the definition of original sin is, "hereditary, depravity, and corruption of our nature, diffused into all parts of the soul, which first makes us liable to God's wraith, then also brings forth in us those works which scripture calls "works of the flesh"(Gal. 5:19)." After the sin the human race would change rapidly and noticeably. .
             Before the fall of man, Adam was given many different duties by God. Adam was in charge of the naming of the animals in the world. If a person were to open a modern biology book and view the different names and families of the animal kingdom; that was Adams doing. He named all the birds of the air, the creatures of the earth, and the fish of the sea and put them into all different types of categories and classes. God made Adam a rational creature, gifted with the power of choice. After the fall of man, our minds have become tainted and almost even inactive. Sin has counteracted the normal development of reason and has also changed our minds to that we love darkness rather than the light (John 5:19). We have become so infatuated with delusions that we want error to the truth. The highest of intellects of men in their fallen condition, could not form any accurate or just approximate knowledge of God.

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