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African colonization in Things Fall Apart

            Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, is story that explains African colonization from the eyes of an African himself. African colonization had many major affects on Africa and its people. Achebe wrote this book to get across the perspective of the African people and how they felt about colonization. The African colonization Affected the people's culture and lifestyle.
             In many stories today, authors use a skill called foreshadowing to expand their writing. Foreshadowing has been used in many famous books praised by the New York Times and numerous of other critics, and most people don't notice that the skill was even used because it is so subtle. This skill, foreshadowing, is where the writer will give the reader a clue or hint to a scene or action that will occur later in the novel, passage, or any of the literature. Basically, the main point of foreshadowing is an author telling you what will happen next without you even noticing it. In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe the title itself hints at the entire book. Granted, the title doesn't tell you the entire story and what exactly "falls apart" in the end, but the title does tell you that things do take a turn for the worst. A few examples of the downhill spiral the book takes, would be Okonwo kills Ikemefuna, the boy that comes to live with him and his family. Another instance would be when Okonwo breaks the Week of Peace by beating and harming one of his wives.
             Final examples of the countless amount of times foreshadowing was used would be when the main character, Okonwo, accidentally kills someone and is exiled for seven years to his mothers land; however, when he returns home he sees that the white man has taken over. By this happening it shows that things have officially fallen apart. These examples show how foreshadowing is a main key in the book Things Fall Apart and how it helps readers expect what will happen in the book and prepare them for things to fall apart in many ways.

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