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Things fall apart

             Chinua Archebe is the author of the classic novel Things Fall Apart that examined morality in the historical context of global interaction, imperialism, and colonization. .
             The Umunfia clan had different moral beliefs that totally contradicted the beliefs of the white man. They belied that twins were evil and should not be allowed to live. A woman, Nneka, had born twins in four of her previous pregnancies; after birth, the twins were immediately thrown away. On the other hand Christianity, the religion of the white man, accepted everyone. They believed that mothers shouldn't be shunned for having twins. Twins were normal human beings that had the same right to live as the next. Nneka found refuge in Christianity and its moral belief that there was nothing wrong with twins, and she converted. More and more tribesmen began to convert to Christianity because it answered many of their questions about life. .
             What became of the village Mbanta when Mr. Brown built his school and hospital, was an example of colonization and global interaction. Mr. Brown brought the techniques and methods from England and instituted them in the village. By doing so, he not only helped the natives, but paved the way for his own countrymen to come live in Africa with the same necessities as at home. Mr. Brown urged the clan to send their children to school to learn the language. As a result of his contributions to the clan the clan held him in high regard, and status this was shown when "he had been presented with a carved elephant tusk which was a sign of dignity and rank." Mr. Brown also interacted with one of the religious leaders of the clan, and they discussed and debated their many views on religion. This spreading of knowledge is an example of global interaction. .
             As well as increased knowledge and techniques, trade began to come to the village and money began to flow likewise. The clan interacted with the surrounding world, but also created a community more like those of the rest of the world increasing the effect of colonization.

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