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Things Fall Apart

            The characters in Things Fall Apart have their own personality. The main character of Things Fall Apart is okonkwo. He can change his character depending on the situation he is in. Okonkwo is known for having a bad temper. Okonkwo learned these bad habits from his father. Okonkwo character transforms throughout the story of things fall apart. .
             Body paragraphs number 1 and 2 or summary of events.
             Unoka, was okonkwos father. Unoka was a very lazy man. He was too lazy to go out and plant crops on new, fertile land, preferring to stay at home playing his flute, and drinking palm wine He had to borrow money in order to maintain this lifestyle, and was never able to pay it back. Unoka would stay at home and not use any type of strength to provide for his family. In reaction, Okonkwo completely rejected his father. He didn't want to turn out like his father He became a great wrestler and warrior in his tribe, and began providing for his family at a very young age, while at the same time starting new farms and beginning to gather wealth. He was very successful, soon becoming one of the leaders of his tribe, with many wives and children. His big goal was to become one of the powerful elders of the tribe. Okonkwo shows his strong feelings of resistance to change in the village.

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