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Graceland and Things Fall Apart

            Fugard's decision to set the play in 1950 instead of 1945 was politically motivated by South Africa's Group Areas Act of 1950, which enforced complete residential segregation between races and "social" or "petty" apartheid segregation in public places such as theaters, parks, and restaurants. Although writing in English, Fugard uses Afrikaner moods and culture. He was the first white South African playwright to blend cultures and the first to violate apartheid artistically by putting black and white actors on stage at the same time. His characters are usually underprivileged white people and black Africans-ordinary people caught in racial and social traps. By dramatizing their interactions, he exposes the quality of life in South Africa, not only for oppressed black Africans but for all races as wellPostcolonial Theory Discussed in Things Fall Apart and Gracelan The effects of colonialism are varied. According to the lecture one of the most destructive effect of colonialism is its inert attack on native culture. Colonizers arrive, in many instances, with a sense of preeminence of culture. They try to change the original colonized culture by transporting their own colonial language and religion. This paper will examine how, viewed together, the tradition of realism and the modernity of post colonialism that are working to create a multidimensional version of Nigeria that resists a single identity and instead transforms itself to fit its citizens' needs. Moreover, in this paper, I will use Things Fall Apart, and Graceland and Postcolonial theory. .
             As a story about a culture on the edge of change, Things Fall Apart deals with how the prospect and realism of alteration affect many characters. The anxiety about whether transformation should be privileged over tradition often encompasses questions of intimate status. In Things Falls Apart, Achebe consequently criticizes the violence of colonialism that violates all the blessed customs, religious beliefs and rituals he had held when he was young.

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