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The Book: Chinese Cinderella

            Challenges and obstacles are things that everyone has to face. But, in the book Chinese Cinderella Adeline, faces different kinds of challenges help her be a better person. Adeline"s challenges benefit her. Some of those challenges benefit her. Some of challenges are: Adeline's has brothers and sisters mistreat her, she's left everywhere without parents or guardians, and her whole family discriminates against her.
             First, Adeline is treated cruelly by her siblings. They tease her and abuse of her. But she never pays attention to them. That way she never gets hurt when her classmates tease her. Since she doesn't get affected by the teasing her confident is built, making her stronger.
             Second, Adeline is left alone almost everywhere she goes. She's left without companionship or guidance. Even though this may sound horrible it helped Adeline. This helped her to grow and mature to take care of herself. Learning this is good in life because you must be independent.
             Finally, all of her family discriminates against her for different reasons. Like her brother and sisters discriminate against her because they believe that it's her fault why their mother died. Her stepmother discriminates against her own children. This of course makes her fell horrible but it teaches her never to discriminate. Also, to treat everyone equally. .
             In conclusion, Adeline faces many challenges and learns lessons from them. Some of the challenges are: being treated cruelly by siblings. Is left alone without guardians, and is discriminated by family members. She learns not to listen to peoples snide remarks, that she must be independent in life. And finally, never to discriminate. .

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